Citycell OneTM is a full connectivity mobile package with Economy ISD facility

 Key features

  1. Simplest mobile package in the market
  2. Best FnF call rates to other operators
  3. Attractive call rates to Citycell and other operators numbers and option to migration into alternative packages.
  4. Supports high speed wireless data
  5. Full access to all Value Added Services (VAS) such as Hello Tunes etc.
  6. BTCL and ISD incoming and outgoing facility


For Pre-paid users


  • Ananda will be the default activation plan. Activation bonus for new subscribers will be Tk. 1000 bonus talk time, 500 SMS and 300 MB data
  • Upon successful recharge of Tk. 20 scratch card or more, subscribers will receive Tk. 100 bonus talk time in secondary account with 5 days of validity, 500 free On-net SMS with 7 days validity. Rest Tk. 900 will be disbursed in 9 equal installments i.e. Tk. 100 upon monthly recharge of Tk. 100 with 5 days validity each.
  • 300 MB data will be given in 6 equal installments with 50 MB each. Monthly 50MB Data from date of activation with 30 days validity for next 6 month. To activate this offer type “50” and send to “9666” (port charge free). Subscribers must require to activate this offer before subscribing to any other data plan.
  • Tk. 1000 activation bonus will be usable for off-net calls only @ Tk. 2/min, pulse will be 60 sec. After bonus talk time regular tariff will be applicable for rest of the day.
  • For Ananda package bonus amount will be usable during 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For Ullash & Utsob bonus amount will be usable from 12:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Bonus amount will not be usable to FnF numbers.
  • Free bonus amount & SMS can be checked through *887. Free data usage can be check by writing usage to 811.
  • All existing Citycell One, Citycell One 85 and Citycell One 79 subscribers can migrate to Ananda / Ullash / Utshob by writing A / J / T respectively to 4567 SMS at free of cost.
  • 60 / 30 / 1 second pulse applicable for Ananda / Ullash / Utshob respectively.
  • After migration to new Ullash & Utshob, activation bonus will remain as-is.
  • 4 FnF numbers for on-net and 5 FnF numbers for off-net is applicable for Ananda package. FnF numbers of Ananda will not be change after migrate to two new packages. But while staying in Ullash and Utshob, FnF tariff will not be applicable.
  • All permanently disconnected subscribers will avail the Citycell Ananda price plan only from the commercial date onwards.
  • 15% VAT applicable in all tariff mentioned above.
  • Citycell Prepaid tariff chart
    Outgoing Call Type Ananda Ullash (Flat Tariff) Utshob (1Second Pulse)
    11 PM to 9AM 9:01 AM to 10:59 PM 24 Hours
    To Citycell 0.25 0.49 0.74 0.80
    To other operators 0.65 0.89 1
    ISD ISD Rate
    9 FnF (To other operators) 4 On-net 5 Off-net N/A N/A
    0.25 0.65
    Pulse 60 seconds 30 seconds 1 seconds
    SMS Type TK/SMS
    To Citycell 0.50 0.50 0.50
    To Other Operators 0.50 0.50 0.50
    International Message 2.50 2.50 2.50
    • VAT and conditions apply.

For Post-paid users

  • 4 FnF numbers to other operators
  • 30 sec pulse applicable for all outgoing voice calls to other operators
  • TK. 50 monthly rent applicable



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